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Strict Leather 121.9 cm Whip

Strict Leather / Piskor

1319 kr

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Mer om Strict Leather 121.9 cm Whip

Fine plaiting and a Turks head knot handle define this excellent quality whip. Soft and supple, with a good spring, all 121.9 cm of leather are sure to make an impression on any sub lucky enough to earn its bite. A braided loop at the base is perfect for the wrist, or for storage. A quality item that will ensure years of enjoyment.

Measurements: 121.9 cm in total length, 2.7 cm in diameter at handle, 4.1 cm in diameter at widest point.

Material: Leather

Color: Black

Product features

  • Material: Leer
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 127.00cm
  • Package size: 91x5x5cm
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