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Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills

Lovebotz / Piskor

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Mer om Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills

This flogger attachment provides non-stop impact when attached to a standard drill. Each of the 16 strand wills slap at your desired body part as the drill spins at whatever speed you desire. The metal rod easily inserts into most chucks, providing you with endless pain and pleasure without the labor of swinging a flogger. This attachment is also great for virtual domination, so that the Dom can ensure that their sub is getting what they deserve!

Product features

  • Material: Faux leather, ABS
  • Color: Brown
  • Length: 21.00cm
  • Min diameter: 6.80cm
  • Package size: 12.5x8x8cm
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