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Nuru Concentrate Massage Gel 261ml

WET Nuru Concentrate Massage Gel 261ml


Nuru Concentrate Massage Gel 261ml

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Taking inspiration from the namesake Japanese art of full body contact Nuru massage, Wet's very subtly scented Body-On-Body Massage Gel was designed for incredibly sensual, indescribably close contact with a lover.

Thin, extra concentrated, very easily spread-able and fanatically silky, Nuru completely eliminates friction between bodies, allowing skin to glide and slide in mutual pleasure. When two playmates are enveloped in Nuru's smoothness, bodies become almost weightless, creating a blissful dimension of sensation.

It's a good idea to ready your playspace before breaking out the Gel, an inflatable mattress can be used, as can a large plastic or rubber sheet spread on bed or floor. The concentrated version of Nuru requires less than the Original formula- it can be diluated 1:1 with water, if desired. Wet recommends warming the bottle before use- simply place it in some heated water for a while beforehand. For even better results, use right out of the tub or shower, skin should be lightly toweled off but not dry.

Nuru is completely water based and ultra moisturizing, containing aloe and sea extracts as well as grapeseed oil and chamomile- it washes off skin, fabric and otherwise with warm water. Non-staining.

Product features

  • Material:
  • Package size: 17.5x5x5cm
  • Contents: 261mL
EAN: 716222330008
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