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Strict Leather

Leg Binders

Strict Leather

Leg Binders


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Lock up your lover in these sexy Strict Leather Leg Binders! These leg restraints each feature six locking buckle closures that ensure restricted movement and the ultimate control in any bondage encounter. An exciting addition to any bondage hear collection, these Leg Binders are made of premium high-quality leather and are fully adjustable for the most secure yet comfortable fit. Enjoy the erotic power play of bondage with these intense binders, and experience a whole new level of arousal!

Measurements: Top--or 1st--strap adjusts from 43.2 cm-53.3 cm around 2nd strap from 40.6 cm-50.2 cm, 3rd strap 37.5 cm-47 cm, 4th strap from 33.7 cm-43.2 cm, and bottom 5th strap from 31.8 cm-40.6 cm foot strap adjusts from 15.9 cm-34.3 cm around.

Material: Leather.

Color: Black.

Note: Can be used with or without locks. Locks sold separately.

Product features

  • Material: Leer
  • Color: Black
  • Package size: 55x26x20cm
  • Contents: 2Item
EAN: 811847018079
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